Warlord Profile

Creator: Unknown
Creation Date: Somewhere between 2097 and 2200
Specials: Super Missile, Super Grenade, Super Rushing Punch.

Additional Info: Originally a military vehicle, Warlord required little modification to become a powerful arena fighter. Its left and right arms can equip themselves during battle with a mace, claw, rocket launcher, or grenade launcher. When the same weapon is equipped on both arms, they can be combined in a powerful double-strike.

Missile Hand = Front, Front + Kick
Missile Hands = Front, Front + [Left Kick+Right Kick]
Grenade Hand = Back, Back + Kick
Grenade Hands = Back, Back + [Left Kick+Right Kick]
Claw Hand = Left, left + Kick
Claw Hands = Left, left + [Left Kick+Right Kick]
Mace Hand = Right, Right + Kick
Mace Hands = Right, Right + [Left Kick+Right Kick]
Missile Launcher = (Missile Hand) Back, Front + Punch
Super Missile = (Missile Hands) Back, Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Short Grenade = (Grenade Hand) Back, Front + Punch
Super Grenade = (Grenade Hands) Back, Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Claw Grab = (Claw Hand) Front, Front + Punch
Side Claw Grab = (Claw Hand) Left/Right, Left/Right + Punch
Reverse Claw Grab = (Claw Hand) Back, Back + Punch
Mace Rush = (Mace Hand) Front, Front + Left Punch
Super Mace Rush = (Mace Hands) Front, Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Earthquake Smash = (Mace Hand) Front, Front + Right Punch
Side Shoulder Ram = Left/Right, Left/Right + Punch


Warlord's grenades doing their job.
King of the hill!
Warlord pic rendered in 3D Studio MAX
Warlord's missile special
Warlord's grenade special
Warlord pic taken by a beta tester
Warlord in the Pharaoh's Fire arena
Warlord is the largest 'bot in the game
Warlord with its missile arms


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