Mantis Profile

Creator: Ibrahim Hothe
Creation Date: Somewhere between 2050 and 2097
Specials: Spider Bomb, Super Burst

Additional Info: A relative newcomer to the arena, Mantis' revolutionary use of independent sub-robots prompted the Arena Multibody Restrictions of 2103. Mantis can generate smaller, spider-like forms and release them to attack opponents by attaching themselves and self-destructing. The sub-robots can crawl across floors or wait on walls for opponents to pass by. In addition to its sub-robot abilities, Mantis also uses patented Nano-Transfer technology to weaken opponents while strengthening its own armor.


Mantis' Super Burst Special
Mantis uses insect shaped subrobots to fight opponents
Mantis' Spiders track down opponents and explode on contact
Spiders closing in on their target
Mantis and Pyros fighting in the City Arena
Arial battle between Mantis and Jaguar
Mantis showing off its Kung-Fu fighting style
The hole in Mantis is used to spawn parasites
Mantis, the 90 foot tall metallic insect
A fairly old, incomplete pic of the mantis
This pic of the mantis was taken from a monitor in the DE offices...
Mantis about to attack a Jaguar
Mantis in the Space Station arena
Mantis uses its Kung-Fu style moves to attack its enemy


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