Jaguar Profile

Creator: Ibrahim Hothe
Creation Date: December 4, 2070
Specials: Super Concussion Cannon, Super Laser, Berserker Dash

Additional Info: The Jaguar was originally designed in 2070 for security duty, and became a popular tool of the rich and powerful. Modified for arena fighting, Jaguar has proven to be a precise, versatile close-combat robot. Its hand-to-hand abilities are complemented by on-board weapons systems, including a motion-tracking concussion cannon and a particle beam that reflects off arena surfaces.

Jaguar Leap (short) = Front, Front + Left Punch
Jaguar Leap (longer) = Front, Front + Right Punch
Jaguar Air Leap = Jump, Front, Front + Punch
Jaguar Air Counter Leap (short) = Back, Back + Left Punch
Jaguar Air Counter Leap (longer) = Back, Back + Right Punch
Grab Throw = Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Air Grab Throw = Jump, [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Berserker Frenzy Super = Front, Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Concussion Cannon = Back, Front + Punch
Air Concussion Cannon = Jump, Back, Front + Punch
Super Concussion Cannon = Back, Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Laser = Back, Front + Kick
Super Laser = Back, Front + [Left Kick+Right Kick]
Back Flip = Back, Back + Jump


Sparks fly as a Jaguar kicks a Pyros
Jaguar kicking a Pyros while in the air
Another angle at Jaguar's air kick
Two jaguars fighting each other in the Canyon
Light blue and white chrome skins
Jaguar ending a berserker rage
Overhead throw
The Laser can reflect on objects
Gray and red chrome skins
Yellow and blue chrome skins
Jaguar in the Fire Pit
Jaguar vs. Mantis in the Canyon arena
Lean mean fighting machine
Berserker dash
Concussion cannon
Jaguar leap


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