Chronos Profile

Creator: Arjan Schmalz
Creation Date: October 31, 2072
Specials: Teleportation and more unknown.

Additional Info: Created in 2072, Chronos pioneered time-alteration technology by using it in space rescue operations. After several decades of advancement, Chronos' abilities have been honed for use in the arena. Chronos can build energy and store it in special crystals, unleashing it at will to trap opponents in stasis fields, move instantaneously to new locations, or launch a flurry of punches in the blink of an eye. Though Chronos' crystals are powerful, they are volatile, and can detonate if jostled or damaged.


Chronos jumping around in the Blade Pit arena.
Chronos ready to kick some butt
More of Chronos in the Blade Pit
An in-game shot of the chronos in the canyon
Chronos in the City arena
Chronos punching a Jaguar in its face
Chronos, victorious
Chronos waiting for some action
Chronos giving a stunned Jaguar a kick


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