Is the computer beating you up and leaving you frustrated? Well then you've come to the right place. However, I must warn you, that cheats make the game very fun for a short period and then make the game boring because it will seem too easy. If you want downloadable cheats (programs that cheat for you), you can find them in my download section.

Advanced Options
At main page press and hold 2097 on the top of your
keyboard. This will give you Advance Options in Gameplay.
Deadly level

To get Deadly level in 1 player, keep on pressing right even though Champion is the highest. On the 5th-7th press. You be able to select the Deadly level. (For single player mode only)

Ultimate level
Press O + M + F in the main menu to select the Ultimate level. You must do this if you want to fight fire and ice. (Only works in single player mode)
Sound test
Enter the options menu and then press and hold ALT+S+F all together. Then exit the options screen and reenter it. There will now be a sound testing option.
Change robot colors
In the robot selection screen, press 1, 2, and 3 (not on keypad) to change player one's robot's colors and 4, 5 and 6 (not on keyboard) to change player two's robot's colors.
Heavy looking blows
When you are fighting hold down BIGx (where x is a number between 1 and 9) and then release. 9 will release more robot parts, while 1 will release least. This will make it so when you hit an opponent more robot parts will come flying.
Raining scrap metal
To make the battle raining with robot parts and scrap metal when you fight, hold down REIN and then release. The rain will start when you net hit your opponent.
Play as Nova in 1 or 2 player mode
Do the following:
1. Move the selector over Jaguar
2. Press the right arrow 5 times (back to Jaguar)
4. Press the down arrow once to get to Katana
5. Press the right arrow 5 more times (back to Katana)
6. Hit the down arrow as many times as you can in about 15 seconds
then go over to the Flail and select it.

On the selection screen you will see Flail, but in the holding bay it should show the Nova. If not, then do the sequence over again.
Fight Kreissack first
First do the Nova cheat above, when you are in the room where the pilots talk, press escape, then press the punch button. You'll find yourself right in front of Kreissack and his Nova.
Edit a pilot's statistics in one or two player mode
Do the following:
1. Put the selector over Crystal
2. Press the right arrow 5 times (back to Crystal)
3. Press the down arrow once to get to Jean-Paul and press the right arrow 5 more times (back to Jean-Paul)
4. Then you can go to any pilot and press kick
5. Using the right, left, up and down keys you can adjust the settings of the pilots. However this is limited. You can add some power by taking it from agility and/or endurance, add agility by taking it from power and/or endurance, and increase endurance by subtracting it from power and/or agility.
Special buttons

E - When you are in tournament mode and get first place press E and your ending animation will be replayed.

F10 - This is a quick quit out of the game (useful for people who play OMF in their offices)

Fire & Ice
FIRE - In Fire Pit stage, do a destruction (Only in one player) then keep repeating the destruction move.
If you defeat FIRE using Katana, you will get a new move for Katana - Fireball (as done by Fire himself): D,B+P

ICE - In Ultimate difficulty only. After defeating Fire, do a destruction on him and then keep repeating the move for the destruction. If you defeat ICE using Shadow, you will get a new move for Shadow:
ICE FREEZE (as done by Ice): F,D,B+P
Parameters for the OMF executable

C:\OMF>File0001.exe xxxxxxxx
where the xxxxxxxx part is to be replaced by the text in block letters below:

ADVANCED - An alternate way to get the advanced options.

MAKENEW - This will reset all the options in the game to their default values. (Try using this when you mess the game up)

KO - Turn off keyboard controls (use joystick).

SO - Turn off sound effects

MO - Turn off music

ONE_PLAYER - Go directly into 1 player mode

TWO_PLAYER - Go directly into 2 player mode

TOURN - Go directly into tournament mode

REC - Make a recording of the last fight to be saved as LAST.REC (in your OMF directory)

SAVE_REC - When used with REC this will save all fights and all rounds in files: OMFxxxxx.REC (where xxxxx is the number of the video)

PLAY xxxxxxxx.REC - Where xxxxxxxx.REC is to be replaced with the video file's filename. (Don't forget to put .rec at the end)

Money earning trick

Purchase a Shadow robot. Increase the Armor, Stun Resistance, and Leg Speed to maximum, reduce Leg Strength to minimum. Fight your way to Raven in North American tournament. (This may also work with other Bosses.) Continually advance and quick kick (down, back + kick) during the battle. The combo meter will fill, allowing the fight to end in a perfect match, with a large amount of bonus money.

Cheating using the MS-DOS Debug command
In MS-DOS, type:
'debug filename.chr' (without the inverted commas)
and hit enter. Then, type:

E 128 FF FF FF (for the big money cheat)

E 11C C1 E8 C3 EA (for maximum robot power)
E 204 34 71 A2 (for maximum robot speed)
E 210 54 30 AC (for maximum robot armor)
E 214 64 50 D0 (for maximum robot stun resistance)

E 120 D4 C1 D6 (for max pilot power, agility and endurance)

E 11B xx
where xx is to be replaced with:
C0 for Flail
C1 for Shredder
C2 for Katana
C3 for Electra
C4 for Pyros
C5 for Thorn
C6 for Shadow
C7 for Jaguar
CD for Nova
CE for Chronos
CF for Gargoyle

Then, to save and exit

W (and hit enter)
Q (and hit enter)

2 billion credits
Fully upgrade robot
Get maximum skills

In MS-DOS mode, go to the folder that omf is in.(cd \games\omf) Then, type debug and the file your fighter is in.(debug chrname.chr)
After you press enter, type in these:

E 128 A0 A0 A0 A0 = Get 2 billion credits.(0=Zero)
E 204 34 71 A2 = Get maximum mech power, speed and so on.
E 120 D4 C1 D6 = Get maximum pilot power, agility and so on.

To save this, press W, ENTER and then Q, ENTER.

Get all enhancements

Using any good Hex editor, change bytes A6 - B1 in the
'.CHR' (your saved tournament) file to 50.
This should give you ALL enhancements (triple concussion cannon as Jaguar, fireball as Katana etc.)
Known side effects: The Chronos has no visible changes and the Nova's projectiles now explode as soon as they appear.



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