In my 'Downloads' section, you will find almost everything that you can find in all other websites, combined! Out of all the OMF Fan-sites, I have one of the biggest 'Downloads' section. You will find a lot of things here ranging from, the game itself, to its editors and programs that allow you to cheat, which are similar to trainers except that you don't have to have them running in the game background. If you are looking for tournaments, click here to enter my Tournaments section. For your convenience (and mine) I have made sure that each file has some instructions. If they did not originally have them, I added my own in a ReadMe.txt file. If you have any other programs that are related to OMF: 2097, please e-mail them to me.

No. Name Description Download File Size
One Must Fall: 2097 (v. 2.1) Full Version
One Must Fall 2097 was made freeware. So now, it can be distributed freely. This is the original version which has not been modified at all. Go ahead and download it. Have fun!
6.52 MB
One Must Fall: 2097 (v2.1) Full CD ISO This is the CD Image of the original OMF: 2097 CD and includes the front, back and CD covers too. A must have for the OMF: 2097 fan who never had a chance to buy the CD.
14.96 MB
One Must Fall 2097 (v. 2.1) Shareware
Even though it was made freeware, the shareware version still exists. I can't figure out why you would like to download this, but anyway...
2.83 MB
One Must Fall 1.0 (was never commercial)
This was Rob's first try to make a fighting game. In this version, there are no robots, only humans. Its pretty slow, and not so fun.
306 KB
One Must Fall Patch (from any version to version 2.1)
This file will patch any version of One Must Fall, from 1.0 through to 2.0 to 2.1. Version 2.1 includes some bug fixes. If you have version 2.0, download the file below; its smaller in size.
960 KB
One Must Fall Patch (from 2.0 to 2.1)
This file will patch One Must Fall 2.0 to 2.1. It will fix some scoring problems. Please do not download this file if you have version 1.0.
292 KB
One Must Fall 2097 Preview This slideshow is the official One Must Fall 2097 Preview released by Epic before the shareware was released.
221 KB
Power Plant Music
This is the music that plays in the Power Plant stage. (mp3)
1.5 MB
Stadium Music
This is the music that plays in the Stadium stage. (mp3)
3.44 MB
Menu Music
The music that plays while you are in the menus. (mp3)
3.44 MB
Fire Pit Music
This is the music that plays in the Fire Pit stage. (mp3)
1.61 MB
The Desert Music
This is the music that plays in The Desert stage. (mp3)
1.26 MB
Ending Music
The music that plays after you win a tournament. (mp3)
2.91 MB
Danger Room Music
This is the music that plays in the Danger Room stage. (mp3)
1.9 MB
AF Compiler version 2.01 Build 5
(by Vulture)
An AF compiler/decompiler that allows you to compile and decompile the AF files in your OMF directory, which are actually, robots.
26.9 KB
AF Compiler/Decompiler version 1.1
(by Chaos BlackMajik)
Compiles and Decompiles the AF files. AF files are files which contain everything about a 'bot.
52.8 KB
Character & Tournament Hacks
(by Chaos BlackMajik)
Probably the best tournament hacker I've seen. And its for windows. The character hack allows you to switch two 'bots.
16.8 KB
Chronos Module Converter 1.01
Use this to convert PSM, DSM, RIFF DSM and MTM files to DSM, CCM and S3M files.
38.9 KB

Deluxe Paint II Enhanced (by Electronic Arts)

Rob used this program to draw the faces and stuff. Very nice and useful. You can use it if you want to make you own character for a tournament.
859 KB
Extra Characters
The fighters with black heads and green eyes are the ones that are new.
55.4 KB
Extra Characters (More) The same author as the one above, made another players.pic file.
53.8 KB
Hacked Jaguar (SuperJag) A hacked version of the Jaguar 'bot by Ilya. Some new secret moves were added such as 'Invisible Jaguar Leap'.
203 KB
Hacked Shadow 'bot
A hacked version of the shadow 'bot. Some moves were made simpler.
272 KB
Jaguar for Quake III
(by Pyronius)
Play as a Jaguar 'bot in Quake 3! Need I say more?
1.76 MB
Matt's OMF FAQ version 2.3
The most recent version of the best FAQ that has ever been written for OMF: 2097. Includes moves, and even videos (in the .rec format that OMF 2.x can play).
84.9 KB
Moslo 1.32
Moslo (More Slow) can be used to slow down any game or software that might be working too fast.
8.7 KB
OMF 2097 Music Mod
(by Anapan)
.PSM music files to replace existing OMF in-game music.
625.8 KB
OMF 2097 Music Mods .PSM music files, that when extracted to the OMF directory, will replace the old song files and you will hear new songs in the game.
364 KB
OMF Character Editor
(by DosAscii)
A program you can use to cheat by modifying your tournament character (saved game) and setting your money, power etc.
22.2 KB
OMF Character Modifier
A cheat program that gives you money and lets you change your robot in your saved game.
9.47 KB
OMF Cheat
A cheat program that only gives you a lot of money (you cannot specify how much, but you will get a lot.)
10.4 KB
OMF Doom (Doom Must Fall) A modification for Doom 1.666 which will turn zombies into Jaguars etc... something a Doom and OMF fan must have.
2.99 MB
Changes the buttons for Scrap, Destruction and Fire/Ice so that they are easier to perform.
28.6 KB
Change your saved game's robot, name, number of wins, number of loses, rank, money, difficulty, the robot's level of upgrades and your character's skills. Probably the best one around.
14.8 KB
OMF Move Extractor
A program that can scan through your robot's files and extract, possible moves from it. (Source code included)
15.1 KB
OMF Movie Script
(by Slasher)
There was once a non-Hollywood, ultra-low budget OMF themed movie thats being worked on, and this is its script.
18.4 KB
The game uses .pic files in several places such as for tournaments. Use this to convert it to a .tga file.
1.94 KB
PSM Converter
Can convert MOD, 669, STK, and S3M formats into the PSM format. I can't get it to work on my system though...
18.2 KB
Sprite Offset Setter
(by Vuen)
If you want to create your own bot, you will need this program. Also, you can use it to edit a decompiled 'bot.
56.1 KB
Tournament Compiler
This is the same program that Rob used to make the tournaments in OMF. I included the DOS4GW.EXE file, which was required.
809 KB
Tournament Character Pack #1 A collection of 20 characters that you can use when making a tournament.
58.8 KB
Tournament Character Pack #2 23 characters you can use to create a tournament.
66.5 KB
Tournament Character Pack #3 Five characters already in the .chr format you can use for making tournaments.
13 KB
Tournament Character Pack #4 A file with 6 characters that can be used to make a tournament.
18.5 KB
Tournament Editor
Mystic Master's Tournament Editor. The first OMF related program thats for Windows. Requires the Tournament Compiler.
74.8 KB
Ultimate Character 2.0
(by Dee Abson)
Another cheat program for OMF: 2097. This one gives you money and upgrades.
40.1 KB
Universal Game Editor version 1.0
This cheat program allows you to edit Civilization, Betrayal at Krondor, Master of Orion, Lands of Lore and of course, OMF. I configured the program to be usable with OMF using someone else's module.
124 KB

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