Mt. Haoshiro

Info: This active volcano has been tamed and put to work as a massive fighting arena suited to large battles. The arena features jump pads that launch competitors over the mouth of the volcano - if they manage to tag a special floating marker, 6 missile pods around the arena will activate and track their opponents. Another temptation hangs above the volcano cone - 3 charge pads on precariously thin outcroppings. Completing the mayhem is the occasional induced eruption, spewing fire and debris around the arena.

Hazard: Missles and the lava.

Music: Unknown


Mt. Haoshiro against the Pacific Ocean
Beautiful top view of the Mt. Haoshiro arena
The platform is a nice spot for some action
The bright volcano against the night sky...
Red hot molten rock can vaporize HARs on contact
Ever wondered whats outside the arena?


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