Space Station

Info: Orbiting the sun near the asteroid belt, the space station's artificial gravity generators allow players to experience battle in unearthly conditions.
The Space station arena was once a thriving space port designed to allow the construction repair and initial launch of large inters teller mining ships and supply caravans. Once hyper-drives overtook conventional plasma propulsion the station was decommissioned . It was shortly thereafter purchased by the combat arena alliance and turned into a grand hotel and sporting ring for HAR battles.

Hazard: Drones that fly in the arena until given the command to attack, then they radiate energy fields and stun a HAR and asteroids that may enter the arena and explode on hitting a HAR.

Music: High Orbit


This is what the entire space station looks like
Occasionally, the asteroids are let in and can cause serious damage
The fairly large size of the arena makes it fun to play in
The space station from outside the force fields
Some action in the Space Station arena
Picture showing one of the sides of the arena
Top view, clearly showing an asteroid belt outside
The full view of the
spectacular space station
A picture showing the space station from the outside



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