Full Name: Shirro (Last name unknown)
Age: 73
Specialty: Public Relations, Karate



Brief Details: Over his many years of competition, Shirro has developed unrivaled power, yet retains a youthful sense of humor.

Full Details: Shirro is the Head of Public Relations for all of WAR. It was his idea to have this contest for the media coverage. He believes that if the event is popular enough, they may find a new business for the robots: entertainment. Though Shirro knows much about what happens deep within WAR, he never takes things too seriously and just hopes things will work themselves out. Those who have seen him in martial arts tournaments agree that he is both incredibly strong and tactful, always smiling and shaking your hand after he beats you.

What Happens When You Win: A human inside a robot? You think of the possibilities. How powerful? But look at what power did to Kreissack. You wonder what it might do to you... You file that thought in the darker recesses of your mind and turn your attention to the future. A future where HAR fighting is a sport instead of a simple publicity stunt. Since this wouldn't involve damage to living creatures, it could easily get past the world peace organization. Yes! A new sport! Plus the money and fame will go to you! Eventually, so will WAR...
You can't seem to stop thinking about the future as you fly towards the moon. As you land on the dark side of the moon, the future looks bright.

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