Hello and welcome to my OMF website! I tried to include everything I could think of here, so you shouldn't need anything else... tons of downloads, tons of info, tons of music... and lots lots more! This site has been tested with Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera, the three major browsers, so it should work fine on all browsers. Some of you have told me you want to link to my site. In that case, click here for instructions.

XB Added Purchase Links
13 Dec 2008

I've added some links so you can buy OMF:BG from this site via Amazon. If you haven't already bought it and are curious to see how the game is, you really should buy it. It's quite cheap and won't stick around too long. I'll also make a negligible amount of money that will go into supporting this site.

XB Dead Link Fixed
29 Mar 2008

Nothing major... fixed a dead link to the OMF message boards. Thanks to Jordan Jett for pointing this out.

On a more personal note, I've moved to Sydney, Australia now to study my master's degree. I'm also still working so I have a lot less time :(

XB Dead Mirror Removed
4 Feb 2008

Somehow I got compelled to update the site today after exactly one year of leaving it untouched. The cubicsnow mirror is dead, so all links to it have been removed. Fortunately I was able to automate that. Unfortunately, nothing else is new but I might do another update soon!

XB Mirrors Added
4 Feb 2007

I e-mailed basKet recently informing him that I have moved the site to my own hosting space now and asked him if he was still interested in hosting a mirror. He said it was ok as long as I add a banner to his site or something. So I've added the banner on this page. You'll notice most if not all downloads now have at least 2 mirrors and some even 3! All of these mirrors are located in USA. For those wondering where each of the mirrors are located:

omf.niraj.ws: DreamHost, CA, USA. (Usually mirror 1)
niraj.cubicsnow.com: PowWeb, MA, USA. (Usually mirror 2)
omf.com, omfdownloads.com: DreamHost, CA, USA. (Usually mirror 3)
robyrt.coolserver.net: The Planet, TX, USA. (Mirror 1 for Robyrt's FAQ)

I've also removed the Google ads from some remaining pages that I somehow overlooked.

XB New Host!
22 Jan 2007

The site hasn't seen updates because I've been busy with my job... I'm working for a company that develops Web 2.0 sites - really, really complicated ones.

So now that I have money, I decided to get my own host. :) This site is now hosted with DreamHost and I must say, so far they seem to be a great host. I now have all the space and bandwidth I need and total control of everything. DreamHost seems to have a fatter pipe than the last host so downloads may go faster, too! Thanks to Ben (basKet) for hosting the site for as long as he did.

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