Full Name: Cossette Akira
Age: 39
Specialty: Space Station Design



Brief Details: A veteran fighter, Cossette has become cautious, defensive, and bitter after being crippled in the arena.

Full Details: Fifteen years ago, a sport called The Arena was the most popular event of the day. Similar to HAR's, The Arena placed humans INTO a robot frame, usually ten or fifteen meters in height. The Arena players used various controls to fight their opponents while the crowd looked on. Cossette fought in The Arena until a tragic accident left her crippled from the waist down. Now she enjoys the feeling the HAR gives her, and her success in designing two space stations has given her the possibility of Ganymede. Cossette also was instrumental in the design of Electra, a 'bot designed from an electromagnetic crystal found on Venus.
Cossette is very bitter about her injury, since so many have treated her as inferior since the accident. She is still very defensive in combat, but should never be underestimated.

What Happens You Win: "Ofcourse you won. That old fool never understood your abilities. And he paid for his mistake didn't he. Immediately you assign what engineers you can muster to finding out how Kreissack was able to successfully place his brain inside a machine.
How wonderful it would be to finally say good-bye to this chair and spend eternity in the perfect body of a robot. You look down at the scribbling and design specifications for the Cossette robot."
"'I will soon walk again.' you say "and then I will see what kind of WAR president I can make..."
"As you fly towards the moon, the limitations of your handicap seem to fade away. With you dreams within reach, you feel stronger and more alive than ever."

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