Dante's Chasm

Info: Built inside a long, rocky gorge, the Dante's Chasm arena keeps competitors on their toes with constant fire from guns that line the walls.

Hazard: Beware of those huge energy cannons that were once used by both sides in the Atlantic Skirmish of 2056 because your enemy can gain control of them by standing on a platform. The trick is... don't let your opponent get near the control boxes or platforms. Keep going after him and then run away to get control of the guns...

Music: Executor


Intense action in the canyon arena
A Pyros closing in on its target
Dante's Chasm's large size allows many players in a match
Dante's Chasm from the ground
Dante's Chasm from above
Touch one of these and control the cannon near it
One of the energy cannons
Stand on these to gain control of the cannons
Lasers in Dante's Chasm barely missing a Katana


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