Blade Pit

Info: A specially-built arena with a hidden location, the Blade Pit is designed with one thing in mind: maximum damage. The small size keeps the action tight, while stabbing blades attack fighters headed for the edge. The edge itself is patrolled by massive industrial saw blades traveling in a circular pattern. Though matches are played at night, the arena is usually aglow with showers of sparks as metal slices through metal.

Hazard: Blades on the sides of the circular arena. Look out for red arrows on the ground. That means the blade closest to that red area is about to come out. Also, look out for the two rotating saw blades that constantly move around the arena.

Music: K-Faktor


The bladepit arena
Bladepit from above
Bladepit's sawblade
Don't fall on the blade!
Ouch! That must've hurt!
Poor jaguar...
Jaguar leaping in the blade pit arena
Force lighting up the entire arena with a meteor call
Jaguar destructs Jaguar
Pyros vs. Warlord in the Blade Pit


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