Power Plant

Info: This three-armed arena was constructed by retrofitting an old lightning collection plant and reactivating its grid. The central column hums with electricity as it powers the structure (and a small metropolis nearby). Newly-added platforms circle the column, charging robots above them while delivering a damaging attack to those below. A smart pilot will harness the lightning themselves and direct its fury at their opponents.

Hazard: Like in OMF: 2097, the sides are electrically charged. Send your opponent flying into the sides to give him some voltage.

Music: Executor


Warlords at war
Action packed scene in the power plant arena
The three legged arena has a lot of space
Being thrown into the walls will shock you
Lightning in the Power Plant
Some action in the Power Plant
DANGER: High Voltage!
Robots below the pads get a damaging current
Some particles from the generator being blown by the wind.


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