Info: In the middle of a vast desert lies this elongated arena. A reinforced stone pyramid sits in the center, while black obelisks protrude from the two far ends of the arena. The arena is surrounded by land mines, provided under the world arms treaty of 2085. The mines are angled to blast fighters back into the arena. A squad of decommissioned fighter jets flies strafing runs over the arena, nagging competitors.

Hazard: There is is a remote that you can pickup and stick it on an opponent. The planes will fly to him and attack him. Always take the remote when you see it, or else you might fall victim to the planes' attack. Also, there are mines in the sandy area which will explode when you step on them.

Music: Snakeirons


Intense action in the desert arena
Another view of the same scene
Picture of some action in the desert taking by me
Warlord, Force, and Katana battle it out in the desert
A dying Pyros looking at a nuke and bits of an exploded 'bot.
A pyramid in the desert
Two black obelisks with golden birds on top
Beautiful but deadly dunes contain land mines
The hologram = air strike
Nuke = power-up
Jaguar gets attacked by fighter jets
Jets flying back after an attack
A Jaguar blown away by a land mine


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