Not happy with my site? Well then go to these other OMF: 2097 sites, and maybe you like them... If you're wondering why I put this section in my site, its because I respect other sites and would like people to visit them too. For your convenience, these links open in a new window when clicked, so you won't get annoyed. If you have your own OMF page, and want it listed here, or if your site is listed here and you dont want it listed here, e-mail me.

1. The One Must Fall 2097 Tournament Page

2. Ragon's Homepage - One Must Fall 2097

3. Matteo's OMF:2097 configuration script

4. Destruction Lover's OMF:2097 Page

5. Commander Jaguar's HomeBase

6. McBaine's One Must Fall Page

7. Arthurs One Must Fall 2097

8. One Must Fall Strategy


10. Guy's OMF Site

11. Web Fighters
=> Also available in Italian

The following sites are no longer online, but are available on the WayBack Machine:

1. OMF 2097: INFINITY (Lord Jaguar's OMF:2097 site)

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