I have put together this section because I didn't feel it was appropriate for guides to be in my Downloads section. Here you will find various OMF:2097 guides by me and by others. Everything from combo guides to how to emulate OMF:2097 on Linux.

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HOWTO: One Must Fall: 2097 On Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)
By X-BoT

An easy to follow guide written by me that will guide you through setting up OMF:2097 on any debian based Linux distributions using DOSEMU and FreeDOS. Mirror 1
2 OMF 2097 The Definitive FAQ
(by Robyrt)
A newer, and more complete FAQ by Robyrt. Contains lesser flaws than Matt's FAQ (or possibly no flaws at all) Mirror 1
Mirror 2
3 OMF Technical Support FAQ This file contains the solutions to many problems that you may face in OMF: 2097. Written by Epic's Tech support team. Found only in my website & Epic's. Mirror 1

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